Acupalpus testaceus

Ground Beetle

Acupalpus testaceus, Ground Beetle



Family: Carabidae

Subfamily: Harpalinae

Length: 2.5 - 3.0 mm


Acupalpus testaceus lives out its life in leaf litter. Adults also appear at lights, as the one shown here did. Most observations, photographs, and collections of adults of this species are from May to July.

This species has dark eyes and light-colored legs. The antennae are a bit darker toward the apex. The pronotum is as wide as long, its sides arcuate and its hind corners rounded. There is coarse punctation at the base of the pronotum, particularly near the center (Evans 2014).

The map below shows in blue-green the states and provinces with records of this beetle.

Photo data: 29 July 2013. Two miles north of the community of House, Neshoba County, Mississippi.

GPS data: 32.6498, -89.0223. Elevation 163 meters.


Range map for Acupalpus testaceus