Chlaenius tomentosus

Vivid Metallic Ground Beetle

Chlaenius tomentosus, Ground Beetles, Carabidae

Family: Carabidae

Subfamily: Licininae

Tribe: Chlaeniini

Length: 12.5 - 18.0 mm


Members ofgenus Chlaenius go by the common name Vivid Metallic Ground Beetles. Many beetles in this genus are bright metallic green, but some are bronze colored.

One of the key traits of genus Chlaenius is setose elytra.

Chlaenius tomentosus is the only member of the genus that has setae on the anterior half of the sides of the pronotum. It has a total of four or more setae on each side of the pronotum, and these setae parallel the margins.

Chlaenius tomentosus, like a number of other members of the genus, can be either bronze or green. The elytra are dull, the pronotum somewhat shiny and densely punctate, and the head glossy.

The species is readily attracted to lights. Despite the name ground beetle, the one shown here was climbing a tree trunk to get to the light that was hanging there.

Range map for Chlaenius tomentosus