Chlorida festiva

Longhorned Beetle

Chlorida festiva, Longhorned Beetle, Cerambycinae







Family: Cerambycidae

Subfamily: Cerambycinae

Tribe: Bothriospilini

Length: 19 - 28 mm


Linnaeus described this large and striking species in 1758. It can be found in the West Indies, and from Mexico south to Argentina. The one shown here was photographed in Honduras.  Though recorded from south Florida at least once some years ago, it does not appear to be part of the state's established fauna. The species is associated with legumes (Fabaceae).

The 4 other species of Chlorida are also Neotropical; all have spines along the margins of the pronotum and modest spines at the tips of the elytra.

Members of this genus have coarse ommatidia, and are nocturnal.  Some relatives within the tribe Bothriospilini have fine ommatidia and a active during the day.

Photo location: Atlántida department, Honduras.