Cicindela splendida

Splendid Tiger Beetle

Cicindela splendida, Splendid Tiger Beetle photo, dorsal view


Family: Carabidae

Subfamily: Cicindelinae

Length: 12 - 15 mm


In Cicindela splendida the head and pronotum are metallic green to bluish, as are the edges of the elytra. On each elytron, there is no humeral (shoulder) spot, while the center line is very short, and there is a dash at the apex. A couple of other species may appear similar at first glance, but on those species the head and pronotum match more closely the color of the elytra.

The Splendid Tiger Beetle is active very early in the season (these photos were taken in March) and late in the season (September and October) but may be scarce or absent over most of the summer.

Splendid Tiger Beetle, Cicindela splendida photo from West Virginia