Cicindela tranquebarica kirbyi

Oblique-lined Tiger Beetle

Cicindela tranquebarica, New Mexico photo

Family: Carabidae

Subfamily: Cicindelinae

Length: 11 - 15 mm


On Cicindela tranquebarica the markings are bold, including a shoulder stripe that is oblique on the dorsal surface of the elytra. The color form shown is the most common one, but sometimes this species is greenish or green, especially farther north or at high elevations.

The is an extremely widespread species. On the map at the bottom of this page showing records by state, province, and territory, only Alaska is not colored in. Note that the Alabama records are quite old, and the species' presence in that state has not been recently verified. Also, note that although Nunavut is colored in, the records there are from an island in James Bay that is part of Nunavut, but the species has not been found in the mainland of Nunavut, which is much farther north. This species has not been recorded from Mexico or the Antilles.

A number of subspecies have been described; the beetle pictured here is Cicindela tranquebarica kirbyi.

Photo data: 20 April 2019. Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Chaves County, New Mexico. The bottom photo on this page is a habitat shot of the place where these beetle photos were taken.

Cicindela tranquebarica habitat, New Mexico

Range map for Cicindela tranquebarica