Cicindelidia punctulata

Punctured Tiger Beetle

Cicindelidia punctulata, Punctured Tiger Beetle photo from North Carolina


Family: Carabidae

Subfamily: Cicindelinae

Length: 11 - 13 mm


In Cicindelidia punctulata the color of the elytra ranges from dark bronzy to black. There is a well-developed light-colored marking at the apex of each elytron. Also present are several additional scattered spots. Both the common name and the scientific name refer to this species' most notable feature, the two rows of punctures running longways down the elytra.

The Punctured Tiger Beetle has a wider tolerance for habitat types than many other Tiger Beetles, and may be found in gardens and yards, along trails in the woods, even at old strip mines.

Photo locations: upper two images from North Carolina Outer Banks at Sanderling; third image from Story County, Iowa; bottom image from Neshoba County, Mississippi.

Cicindelidia punctulata face, Punctured Tiger Beetle (North Carolina)

Punctured Tiger Beetle, Cicindelidia punctulata photo from Iowa

Cicindela punctulata, image from Mississippi