Cicindelidia rufiventris

Eastern Red-bellied Tiger Beetle

Cicindelidia rufiventris, Eastern Red-bellied Tiger Beetle photo from West Virginia


Family: Carabidae

Subfamily: Cicindelinae

Length: 9 - 12 mm


Cicindela rufiventris varies considerably in the size and number of markings on the elytra. The key ID trait is the one alluded to in the scientific and common names: the red abdomen, visible most easily in a lateral (side-on) view. The red abdomen is also visible as the beetle flies though the air. The rear (apical) marks are always present, and another important trait is that this is a smaller beetle than most other tigers.

The adults of this species are typically active beginning in April, when they often hunt in areas of human disturbance: loading areas at logging sites, road cuts, and strip mine roads. The Eastern Red-Bellied Tiger Beetle has a range stretching from the lower Rio Grande Valley to Georgia and north to southern New York and New England.

Cicindelidia rufiventris, photo, lateral view of Eastern Red-bellied Tiger Beetle

Cicindelidia rufiventris photo, face, Eastern Red-bellied Tiger Beetle

Cicindela rufiventris with few spots, West Virginia photo of Eastern Red-bellied Tiger Beetle