Diplectrus sp.

False Blister Beetle / Pollen-feeding Beetle

Diplectrus sp., False Blister Beetle (Pollen-feeding Beetles)


Family: Oedemeridae

Subfamily: Oedemerinae

Length: typically 12 - 24 mm in the genus


Ross Arnett (1957) noted that while False Blister Beetles are usually scarce, they can be common along the coastlines of islands, and may show up at lights in large numbers.  Like "real" blister beetles (Meloidae) these beetles contain cantharidin, which presumably makes them noxious to potential predators.

Less than 20 Neotropical species make up genus Diplectrus, with a range from Mexico to Argentina. 

Genus Dipectrus has been placed in a number of tribes over the years, including Asclerini, Ditylini, and Oxycopiini.

Photo data: 6 March 2012. Tuis, Cartago province, Costa Rica.

Determined by Dr. Ángel Solis, Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad, Costa Rica.