Disonycha glabrata

Pigweed Flea Beetle

Disonycha glabrata, Flea Beetle, Panama photo

Family: Chrysomelidae

Subfamily: Galerucinae

Tribe: Alticini

Length: 5.5 - 6.5 mm


The primary food plant of Disonycha glabrata is Spiny Amaranth, Amaranthus spinosa. This plant is also called Spiny Pigweed.

This summertime beetle is found over much of Canada and the United States, particularly southern Canada and the eastern United States. The range continues southward and includes the northern half of South America.

Photo data for upper photo: 24 September 2019. Metetí, Darién, Panama.

Photo data for lower photo: 10 October 2010. Ruraldale, Upshur County, West Virginia.

Flea Beetle, Disonycha glabrata, West Virginia photograph