Euphoria herbacea

Herbaceous Euphoria

Euphoria herbacea, Herbaceous Euphoria, tribe Cetoniini


Family: Scarabaeidae

Subfamily: Cetoniinae

Tribe: Cetoniini

Length: 15 - 16 mm


This member of the Fruit and Flower Chafers subfamily (Cetoniini) ranges from green to olive to brown. It is found in the eastern United States, but there are no records from Canada. It is occasionally found a little west of the Mississippi River.

Photo location: Uphsur County, West Virginia.

Herbaceous Euphoria, Euphoria herbacea, Scarab Beetles, West Virginia image

Olive Euphoria Beetle, Euphoria herbacea

Herbaceous Euphoria, West Virginia photo, Euphoria herbacea, Scarab Beetles

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