Euphoria sepulcralis

Sepulchral Scarab

Euphoria sepulcralis



Family: Scarabaeidae

Subfamily: Cetoniinae

Tribe: Cetoniini

Length: 9 - 11 mm


This diurnal beetle is a pest of roses, fruit trees, and corn, feeding on fermenting fruit and sap.

Buss (2004) reported on an interesting infestation of Euphoria sepulcralis at a Florida golf course.  Armadillos, raccoons, and birds came to dig up the grubs.  After treatment of the sod with pesticides, "thousands of larvae" came to the surface and died.  The beetles did only minimal damage to the roots of the turf grass on which they were feeding.  Grounds keepers were most concerned with the dead and decaying larvae, the holes dug by armadillos, and the ubiquity of mating adult beetles.

Euphoria sepulcralis is found from Iowa and Pennsylvania south to Florida, Arizona and Mexico. 

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