Euplatypus sp.

Ambrosia Beetles / Pinhole Bark Borers

Euplatypus sp.


Family: Curculionidae

Subfamily: Platypodinae

Lenght: Beetles in the photos both 3.2 mm long


Members of subfamily Platypodinae are similar to beetles in subfamily Scolytinae, but tend to have a wider and larger head, and tend to be more slender and elongate. A key trait of Platypodinae is that tarsomere one is longer than the other four combined.

Often in this subfamily males have well-developed "chitinous processes" (blunt spines) at the apices of the elytra, while females either lack these or have them less-developed.

These beetles cultivate fungi in galleries in the trunks or large branches of dead trees. They can be pests of sawlogs waiting to be milled, and may even construct galleries in stacked lumber.

Photo notes: Both these beetles came to a black light, Rewa Village, Guyana.

Platypodinae, beetle image from Guyana

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