Metapteron sp.

Net-Winged Beetle

Metapteron sp., Net-Winged Beetles, Guyana image


Family: Lycidae

Subfamily: Lycinae

Length: beetle in the photo 9.1 mm


Much about Lycid beetles is still unknown. Miller's (1997) words are still true today:

Knowledge of the immature stages of lycid beetles is in an embryonic state. Fewer than 2% of described lycids are known as larvae or pupae and these descriptions are often insufficiently detailed for confident separation from congenerics or, at times, even other members of the family. About 15% of the described genera have included species known as immatures, but no generic descriptions have been attempted. No species has been examined throughout its development and culturing methods are currently unknown. This paucity of data continues to preclude an understanding of the phylogenetic relationships within the family.

Photo data: 21 May 2013. Along the Rupununi River, Guyana.

GPS data: 3.887, -58.803. Elevation 87 meters.

Determined by Determined by Dr. Elynton Alves do Nascimento, Universidade de São Paulo.