Notiobia cupreola

Coppery Ground Beetle

Notiobia cupreola, Coppery Ground Beetle


Family: Carabidae

Subfamily: Harpalinae

Tribe: Harpalini

Length: beetle in the photo 9.4 mm


Genus Notiobia is made up of 24 species, and is widespread from the United States to Colombia.  Three species are also found in Canada, and a few others in Venezuela and Brazil. 

Beetles in genus Notiobia are forest-dwellers. Larvae develop on fruits, and it appears that each species develops only on specific fruits. In contrast to certain other Carabids, adult Notiobia species are able to disperse by flight (Arndt, 1998).

Photo data: 6 March 2012. Tuis, Cartago province, Costa Rica.

Determined by Dr. Terry Erwin, Smithsonian Institution.