Omorgus sp.

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Omorgus sp., Hide Beetle photo from Louisiana



Family: Trogidae

Subfamily: Omorginae

Length: 4 - 13 mm in genus


Beetles in family Trogidae are convex, either oval or parallel-sided. Their antennae are similar to those of Scarab beetles. The elytra are covered with rows of bumps, or have parallel ridges. In a number of species the beetles are typically covered in mud or dried organic matter. The tarsal formual is 5-5-5, and the tarsal claws are simple (lacking teeth) (Evans 2014).

Omorgus spp. have a hastate scutellum rather than an oval one.

Photo notes: 26 July 2019. Pitkin, Vernon Parish, Louisiana. At lights, at the BugGuide annual gathering.