Oxelytrum discicolle

Disk-tailed Carrion Beetle

Oxelytrum discicolle, photo of a Costa Rica Carrion Beetle (Silphidae)


Family: Silphidae

Subfamily: Silphinae

Length: 11 - 19 mm


Carrion beetles (Silphidae) are often black with yellow to orange markings, and have a 3-segmented antennal club that is not shiny.

In Oxelytrum look for 3 ridges on each elytron, and a lack of hairs on the pronotal disk. The genus has 8 species, most confined to South America. O. discicolle ranges from Mexico to Argentina. The one record from the U.S. appears to be erroneous.

Photo location: Turrialba, Costa Rica.

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