Ptilodactyla sp.

Toed-Winged Beetle

Ptilodactyla sp., Toe-Winged Beetle photo from West Virginia

Family: Ptilodactylidae

Subfamily: Ptilodactylinae

Length: 4 - 6 mm


Members of this family are often attracted to lights, and may also be found on the flowers or leaves of plants growing near water.

Male Ptilodactyla sp. (pictured) have improbably pectinate, (comb-like) antennae. Presumably these are used to hone in on pheromones released by the female. Female members of this genus have filiform antennae. In genus Paralichus the antennae of both sexes are serrate.

For one’s peace of mind, it is probably a good idea to refrain from trying to identify members of genus Ptilodactyla to species. For that you would need a stereomicroscope, a dissecting kit, an entomological library, and considerable patience.

The photos below were taken in June and July in Upshur County, West Virginia with two exceptions. The one with the maroon background was taken in March in Chiriquí province, Panama. The one with the cloth background was taken in Charles City County, Virgina (in June). Note that these are not clickable thumbnails.

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