Semiotus ligneus

Click Beetle

Semiotus ligneus, Click Beetle, Elateridae

Family: Elateridae

Subfamily: Semiotinae

Length: 19 - 34 mm


Semiotus is a distinctive genus made up of 82 described species; they are glossy beetles colored in various shades of brown, and are found in the Neotropics.

Semiotus ligneus has three longitudinal pale stripes on the pronotum; the pronotumís length to width ratio is 1.0 to 1.2. The first two antennal segments are paler than the rest. This species ranges from Mexico south to Paraguay (Wells, 2003).

On this page, the top photo was taken in Honduras, the middle photo in French Guiana, and the bottom photo in Guyana.

Top two photos determined by Dr. Paul Johnson, South Dakota State University.







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