Trichoxys abbreviatus

Longhorn Beetle

Trichoxys abbreviatus, Long-horned Beetle


Family: Cerambycidae

Subfamily: Cerambycinae

Tribe: Clytini

Length: 10 - 13 mm


Eleven members of genus Trichoxys are found only in Mexico.  Three others, including the one shown here, range from Mexico into Central America.  The most notable feature of this genus is the elytral parasuture (a flattened area along the elytral suture) that widens toward the rear.  This parasuture starts somewhat behind the elytral base and usually reaches the apex.  The pronotum is evenly rounded and is narrower than the base of the elytra. 

In T. abbreviatus the pronotal setae are all yellow, not mixed with black setae.  The basal half of the elytra typical has only a hint of black pattern.  Some individuals of this species have only a hint of black pattern anywhere on the elytra, and these essentially unmarked individuals sometimes live alongside their better-marked kin.  Adults of this tribe are most often found on flowers of the Aster family.

Photo notes: El Hato, Sacatepéquez Department, Guatemala. The middle photo shows a mating pair, while the bottom photo shows an unmarked variation.

Determined by Dr. Miguel Monné, Museu Nacional, Rio de Janeiro.


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