Aeshna tuberculifera

Black-Tipped Darner

Family: Aeshnidae

Length: 71 - 78 mm


The Black-Tipped Darner is a member of the Mosaic Darner genus, Aeshna. Mosaic Darners can be difficult to identify to species.

In its range, Aeshna tuberculifera is the only Mosaic Darner with an all-black abdominal segment 10. This is hard to see in the field without binoculars or a strong macro lens.

Black-Tipped Darner, Aeshna tuberculifera

Among other characteristics, the Black-Tipped Darner has two relatively broad and straight stripes on each side of its thorax. The face is green.

Females are similar to males. Their long paired cerci resemble resemble the appendages of males.

The Black-Tipped Darner does well in acidic places. In olden times this meant sphagnum bogs. Today, coal mine settlement ponds provide other hospitable, acidic bodies of water for Aeshna tuberculifera—providing the water isn't too acidic. It also lives in a variety of lakes and ponds with clear water.

Photo data: 6 September 2004. Ruraldale, Upshur County, West Virginia.

GPS data: 39.0826, -80.2500. Elevation 412 meters above sea level.

The map at the bottom of this page shows the states and provinces with records of Aeshna tuberculifera in blue-green.

Black-Tipped Darner, Aeshna tuberculifera

An ovipositing Black-Tipped Darner.


Range map for Aeshna tuberculifera