Brechmorhoga sp.


Brechmorhoga sp., Nicaragua dragonfly image

Family: Libellulidae

Length: Dragonfly in photo about 45 mm body length.  In genus, 40 - 62 mm


Males set up territories around a small pool of a steam. Brechmorhoga are unusually fast fliers. Unlike many other skimmers, they often perch on the ground or on stones Members of this genus are not found at ponds or lakes.

Mesoamerica is home to eight species of Brechmorhoga.  All have pale patterns or stripes on the thorax, and yellowish to whitish spots on several segments of the abdomen.  Macrothemis is a similar and closely related genus (Garrison, Ellenrieder, and Louton, 2006).

This image was made near a tiny stream in Matagalpa Province, Nicaragua.

Brechmorhoga sp., detail of abdomen

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