Epiaeschna heros

Swamp Darner

Epiaeschna heros, Swamp Darner photo from coastal Virginia

Family: Aeshnidae

Length: 82 - 91 mm


Epiaeschna is a monotypic genus. One interesting trait of the genus is the lack of a constriction near the base of the abdomen. Males have a upward-directed spine at the apex of the abdomen.

The eyes of male Epiaeschna heros are blue, while the eyes of females at maturity have at least some brown.

Both sexes often hunt in woodlands, but come to swamps and slow-moving streams to breed (Paulson 2011).

Photo data: 8 August 2019. At lights. Chincoteague, Accomack County, Virginia.

The map below shows the states and provinces with records of swamp darner in blue-green.

Range map for Epiaeschna heros