Gynacantha membranalis

Dark-saddled Darner

Gynacantha membranalis, Dark-saddled Darner, dragonfly photo from Costa Rica


Family: Aeshnidae

Length: 55 - 90 mm in genus


Mating, ovipositing, and larval development of Gynacantha spp. occur in temporary pools, mud-bottomed pools, and in the water that collects in bromeliads.

Garrison et al. (2006) call Gynacantha an "extremely variable genus."

Most on-line records of Gynacantha membranalis are from Costa Rica and Panama, but there are also records from northern South America.

Photo data (upper two photos): 28 May 2015. Tuis, Cartago, Costa Rica.

Photo data (bottom photo): 22 September 2019. Soberanía National Park, Colón, Panama.

Gynacantha membranalis, Costa Rica photo, Dark-saddled Darner

Costa Rica photo of Gynacantha membranalis, Dark-saddled Darner (dragonfly)