Gynacantha nervosa

Twilight Darner

Gynacantha nervosa, image from Belize, Twilight Darner


Family: Aeshnidae

Length: 75 - 80 mm


Gynacantha is a genus found in many parts of the world, with a majority of species found in the southern hemisphere. In the New World, the genus is found from Georgia, Florida, and Texas south to northern Argentina.

Gynacantha nervosa ranges from Georgia and Florida to the Antilles and south to Brazil.

The species is most often found flying at dusk, hunting insects at forest edges. Unusually for an odonate species, mating occurs in the forest away from water (Paulson 2011).

Photo data: 7 March 2013, 18:07. Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, Belize.

A congener pictured on this site is Gynacantha membranalis.


Twilight Darner, Gynacantha nervosa, photo from Belize