Hetaerina cf. sanguinea


Rubyspot, Hetaerina sanguinea

Family: Calopterygidae

Length: 41-55 mm in the genus


Rosser Garrison comments, "Dragonflies of the genus Hetaerina are conspicuous elements in riverine areas in tropical America. The genus is speciose and reaches its greatest development in South America."

Reasonably certain species identification of Hetaerina species in the Neotropics is possible only by an examination of the caudal appendages.

Garrison has provided a key and detailed drawings (Garrison, 1990).

Hetaerina sanguinea is found in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil.

The male shown in the photo here is typical of Hetaerina sanguinea, but of this species Garrison notes "I have seen several males whose dark thoracic coloration is primarily metallic green, similar to H. laesa and H. flavipes."

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