Lestes eurinus

Amber-winged Spreadwing

Lestes eurinus, Amber-winged Spreadwing male

Family: Lestidae

Length: 42 - 52 mm


One key identification trait of Lestes eurinus can be difficult to see unless you are really close and the sunlight is just right, and that is the amber-tinted wings.

In Lestes eurinus the dorsal surface of the thorax is metallic green, often appearing bluish because of pruinescence. The sides of the thorax are yellow with dark bands, but in mature males the color and markings are often obscured by pruinescence.

Look for Amber-winged Spreadwings at vernal pools. They may also be found in larger ponds, lakes, and bogs, but the preference is for fishless habitats in which to lay their eggs.

Lestes eurinus is on the wing in most areas from late May through late August.

Photo data: 29 June 2004. Ruraldale, Upshur County, West Virginia.

GPS data: 39.0826, -80.2500. Elevation 412 meters above sea level.


Lestes eurinus, Amber-winged Spreadwing, lateral view