Neuraeschna harpya

Harpya Darner

Neuraeschna harpya, darner photo from Brazil

Family: Aeshnidae

Length: 64 - 100 mm in the genus


Neuraeschna spp. are found from Honduras to southeastern Brazil. They have not been recorded from the Antilles. The genus is made up of 15 described species.

The favored habitats for Neuraeschna spp. are woodland streams and rivers, also swampy areas. These dragonflies are often still flying at dusk (Garrison 2006).

Photo data: 1 June 2019. At lights. Reserva Particular do Cristalino, Mato Grosso, Brazil.

GPS data: -9.5975, -55.9313. Elevation 249 meters above sea level.

Neuraeschna harpya photo from Brazil (darners, Aeshnidae)