Chlorotabanus inanis

Green Horse Fly

Green Horse Fly from Guyane (French Guiana), Chlorotabanus inanis

Family: Tabanidae

Subfamily: Tabaninae

Tribe: Diachlorini

Length: fly in the photo 14 mm


Six species of Clorotabanus have been described from the Neotropics thus far.

Chlorotabanus inanis was first described by Fabricius, who placed the species in the genus Tabanus. That first specimen was from French Guiana, as are the flies pictured on this page.

The overall distribution of this species is from Mexico south to Peru and Brazil (Fairchild and Burger, 1994).

This female (right) and male (below) of Chlorotabanus inanis are both from Montagne de Kaw, French Guiana. Members of the genus are nocturnal, and are among the few Horse Flies to be attracted to lights.

Chlorotabanus inanis, Green Horsefly image, French Guiana