Cyphomyia cf. wiedemanni

Soldier Fly

Cyphomyia cf. wiedemanni, fly in family Stratiomyidae


Family: Stratiomyidae

Subfamily: Clitellariinae

Length: Typically 12-17 in the genus


In genus Cyphomia the face is convex, the antennae long and cylindrical.  The scutellum is trapezoidal, with two stout spines at the outer angles.  The abdomen is somewhat flattened, often metallic dark blue or black, with ornaments of silvery apressed pile.

In this genus females have eyes widely separated; males are holoptic in most species.

The larvae of at least some species develop in the moist area under the bark of dead wood.  Tropical rain forest is typical habitat for Cyphomyia.

Photo location: Novo Airão, Amazonas, Brazil.

Cyphomyia cf. wiedemanni, fly image from Amazon region, Brazil

Stratiomyidae: Cyphomyia cf. wiedemanni, Brazil photo