≈Euparyphus sp.

Soldier Fly

Oxycerini, Soldier Fly image from French Guiana, Stratiomyidae


Family: Stratiomyidae

Subfamily: Stratiomyinae

Tribe: Oxycerini

Length: fly in photo 3 mm


The male fly shown here is in tribe Oxycerini, genus Euparyphus, or possibly in a closely related genus. Oxycerini have a pair of well-developed spines along the margins of the scutellum.

The 11 species of Euparyphus are distributed in both North and South America, but are not found outside the Americas. In this genus the male's aedaegus (penis-like structure) is bifurcated. The aquatic larvae often live in seepage areas (Brown et al., 2009).

Photo location: Montagne de Kaw, French Guiana.