Glyphidops (Oncopsia) cf. flavifrons

Cactus Fly

Glyphidops (Oncopsia) cf. flavifrons, Cactus Flies, image from Belize


Family: Neriidae

Subfamily: Neriinae

Length: fly in photo 10 mm; 5 - 15 mm in the family


The family Neriidae is made up of two subfamilies, but only Neriinae is found in the Americas. In this subfamily the antennal bases are large and prominent.

Despite the family's common name Cactus Flies, it appears that at least some members of genus Glyphidops develop under the bark of newly dead tree branches, or in the stems of injured banana plants.

Photo notes: Crooked Tree Preserve, Orange Walk district, Belize. The fly shown here was walking on a bathroom mirror.

Another fly from this family on this web site is Odontoloxozus longicornis, photographed in Arizona.

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