Nothomyia parvicornis

Soldier Fly

Nothomyia parvicornis, Soldier fly from Honduras

Family: Stratiomyidae

Subfamily: Stratiomyinae

Tribe: Prosopochrysini

Length: 6 mm


In the New World are fifteen described species of Nothomyia, with many others awaiting description. The genus is primarily Neotropical, found as far north as southern Florida.

Woodley, writing in Brown et al. (2009), comments that "The genus is most diverse in the Caribbean, where there are a number of undescribed species."

From Mexico and Central America Nothomyia parvicornis is the most common species, and in fact the only described one, although undescribed ones are present (Woodley, writing in Brown et al., 2009).

Photo location: Pico Bonito National Park, Honduras.