Tephritid Fruit Flies

Family Tephritidae

Most Tephritid Fruit flies measure 2-14 mm in length; a few species are longer.

The typical Tephritid fly has pictured wings and small calypters. In this family ocelli are present.

Arnett (2000) noted that males "court females by walking about with their colored wings raised, often only one wing at a time, and moving back and forth in a characteristic fashion."

This is one of two Diptera families that go by the common name Fruit Flies; the other is Drosophilidae. Larval Tephritids do often develop in fruit, but some species are gall-makers, others are leaf miners, and still others develop in the seeds of Composites.

Some species of Tephritid Flies are serious agricultural pests of Citrus and other crops.

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Anastrepha sp.
Strauzia longipennis
Euaresta bella
Eutreta noveboracensis
Stenopa vulnerata
Tetreuaresta bartica
Rhynencina sp.

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