Acinopterus acuminatus

Deltocephaline Leafhopper

Acinopterous acuminatus, Leafhopper in subfamily Deltocephalinae

Family: Cicadellidae

Subfamily: Deltocephalinae

Length: 5.0 - 6.5 mm



The species epithet means pointed, and refers to the acute wing tips. Another sharply pointed feature is the apex of the scutellum, which is also sharply angled in other members of the genus.

D.M. DeLong reported Acinopterous acuminatus as common on grasses. E.D. Ball stated that the host plant was probably Wild Geranium (Lawson, 1920).

The genus Acinopterus is primarily Nearctic, with twenty-three named species in America north of Mexico. A majority of species are found in the southwestern United States.

Of the twenty-three Nearctic species, several also range into the Neotropics. Among these is the species shown here, Acinopterus acuminatus (known from Cuba).

Linnavouri and DeLong (1977) counted three species as purely Neotropical: Acinopterus gentilis (Brazil and Argentina), A. perdicoenis (Mexico) and A. igualanum (Mexico).

Acinopterous acuminatus, lateral view, leafhopper
Above: The hopper maintained this posture for a long time, and if it had been on a twig it would have been a convincing bud mimic.

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