Aetalion cf. reticulatum

Reticulated Aetalionid Treehopper

Reticulated Aetalionid Treehopper, Aetalion cf. reticulatum

Family: Aetalionidae

Subfamily: Aetalioninae

Tribe: Aetalionini

Length: insect in photo 9 mm


The family Aetalionidae is divided into two subfamilies, one of which (Biturritiinae) is wholly Neotropical.  The other subfamily, Aetalioninae, contains two genera, one of the Old World, and the other (Aetalion) of the New World.  Aetalion is primarily Neotropical, but edges barely into the southern United States.

Aetalion reticulatum is often tended by ants (see photo below) or stingless bees.  The specific epithet refers to the net-like pattern of veins on the forewing.

Aetalion cf. reticulatum photo from Brazil, treehopper in family Aetalionidae

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