Agrosoma sp.


Agrosoma sp., Sharpshooter, Belize leafhopper image


Family: Cicadellidae

Subfamily: Cicadellinae

Tribe: Cicadellini


Agrosoma is a genus made up of 15 species, most of them distributed in Mexico and Central America. Only two species have been found in South America: Agrosoma cruciata, which also ranges as far north as Costa Rica, and A. nabima.

Agrosoma hoppers are found on beans, cacao, potatoes, lantana, and sunflowers.  Agrosoma species feature small variations in markings and in the genitalic structures.  The most distinctive is A. proxima (not pictured), whose wings lack black coloration.

Photo location: Crooked Tree Preserve, Orange Walk district, Belize.

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