Beirneola sp.


Fusigonalia sp., Sharpshooter

Family: Cicadellidae

Subfamily: Cicadellinae

Tribe: Cicadellini

Length: Hopper in the photo 5.3 mm; hoppers in this genus range from 5.2 to 6.6 mm.


Beirneola is similar in markings to genus Fusigonalia, and both genera were named by David A. Young in a 1977 publication. The two are best separated by examination of the male genitalia. However, the hopper pictured here is not Fusigonalia because the latter genus always has a black median dorsal stripe extending from the apex of the head to the apex of the clavus (Young, 1977).

Members of the genus Beirneola are found from Costa Rica south to Ecuador.

Photo location: Tandayapa Valley, Ecuador.

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