Subfamily Cicadellinae

Subfamily Cicadellinae includes some of the most common, colorful, boldy-marked, and economically important species in the family Cicadellidae. The subfamily is made up of two tribes; by far the larger of the two is Cicadellini.

The smaller tribe, Proconiini, is shown first on this page, and includes the genera Cuerna, Homalodisca, Oncometopia, Paraulasizes, Paracrocampsa, and Raphirhinus. (Other genera not listed are in the tribe, but have no representatives pictured on this site.)

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Cuerna cf. costalis
Homalodisca vitripennis
Oncometopia aff. clarior
Oncometopia orbona
Paracrocampsa sp.
Paraulacizes irrorata
Paraulacizes panamensis
Raphirhinus phosphoreus
Agrosoma sp. (Belize)
Agrosoma sp. (Costa Rica)
Amblyscarta invenusta
Apogonalia sanguinipes
Beirneola sp.
Cardioscarta quadrifasciata
Cardioscarta / Poeciloscarta sp.
Chlorogonalia coeruleovittata
Coronigoniella cf. maldonadoi
Coronigoniella tiarae

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