Coelidia olitoria

Coelidiine Leafhopper

Coelidia olitoria, Jikradia olitorius

Family: Cicadellidae

Subfamily: Coelidiinae

Subgenus: Jikradia

Length: typically 6.5 - 8.5 mm


Coelidia olitoria is a common species. It is also widespread, found in a majority of states and a couple of provinces.

Over most of its range adults are found in all but the coldest months.

Face, Coelidia olitoria Leafhopper photo


Leafhopper face, Coelidia olitoria
Lateral view, Coelidia olitoria Leafhopper

As the images here show, the colors of this species vary from individual to individual. Nevertheless, looking at the shape of the head and eyes, and at the relatively short wings, no other species looks quite like this one.

Note that a number of sources use the name Jikradia olitorius for this species.

Also on the American Insects site are images of the nymphs of Coelidia olitoria.

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