Colladonus clitellarius

Saddled Leafhopper

Colladonus clitellarius, Saddled Leafhopper

Family: Cicadellidae

Subfamily: Deltocephalinae

Length: 4.2-5.0 mm


Colladonus clitellarius is common and widespread in most of the eastern United States and into Canada. Adults are most commonly encountered in the summer, and sometimes as late as October.

The species is reportedly a vector of X-disease in cherry and peach trees.

The father of American entomology, Thomas Say, named this species in 1830. The specific epithet comes from the Latin clitell, meaning a pack saddle. This is one of relatively few plant hoppers that has an accepted common name, really just a translation of the Latin: Saddled Leafhopper.

Colladonus clitellarius, Vertex and Pronotum

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