Delphacid Planthoppers

Family Delphacidae

More than 300 species in this family have been described so far from Mexico and southward; these are placed in 67 genera. North of Mexico there are 338 species in 66 genera. These counts are from the Delphacid Planthoppers of North America site.

A key trait of the family is the presence on the hind tibia of a prominent articulated spur, called the calcar. 

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Copicerus cf. irroratus
Ugyops sp.
Ugyops sp.
Delphacodes puella
Delphacodes sp.
Liburniella ornata
Megamelus davisi
Metadelphax propinqua
Neomalaxa flava
Penepissonotus bicolor
Phrictopyga contorta
Sogatella kolophon

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