Eratoneura osborni

Typhlocybine Leafhopper

Eratoneura osborni, Leafhopper

Family: Cicadellidae

Subfamily: Typhlocybinae

Length: 2.7 - 2.9 mm


Some taxonomists consider Eratoneura a subgenus of Erythroneura.

Eratoneura osborni feeds and oviposits in various species of Hickory (Carya species). In the southern part of its range, this leafhopper is a pest of Pecan groves, while in the north its usual host is Shagbark Hickory.

Look for this species in August, September, and October.

Eratoneura osborni, Leafhopper, dorso-lateral view

Eratoneura osborni, Leafhopper, lateral photo

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