Graphocephala coccinea

Red and Green Leafhopper

Graphocephala coccinea, Leafhopper



Family: Cicadellidae

Subfamily: Cicadellinae

Length: males 5.8-7.6 mm; females 7.1-8.3 mm


Adults are active in all but the coldest months. They may be found on a variety of plants, but seem to have a special fondness for Blackberry and Raspberry species. Eggs are laid in leaves.

In this species the red stripes are fairly wide and well-developed.

This bright species has been capturing the attention of naturalists for centuries. The same year as the Boston Massacre, German entomologist Johann Reinhold Forster penned the first description of this American species, and he published it the following year, in 1771.
Graphocephala coccinea, Leafhopper lateral photo



Another widespread species in this genus is Graphocephala versuta.

For methods of differentiating these two species, see the genus page for Graphocephala. Another related page shows Graphocephala species nymphs.

Graphocephala coccinea, Leafhopper face

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