Family Membracidae

Within the Suborder Auchenorrhyncha (Planthoppers and their allies) the usual complaint is that not nearly enough research and writing has been done. Speaking of the Treehoppers in particular, however, Kopp and Yonke (1973) noted that "The family Membracidae has been a very popular group and has received attention out of proportion to its size and economic importance. Its popularity is probably due to the grotesque appearance caused by its extensive pronotal modifications."

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Bocydium globulare
Cyphonia clavata
Stylocentrus sp.
Microcentrus perditus
Nicomia sp.
Alchisme cf. grossa
Campylenchia latipes
Cladonota sp.
Enchenopa binotata
Enchenopa sp.
Guayaquila sp.
Membracis foliatafasciata
Membracis trimaculata
Platycotis vittata
Umbonia crassicornis
Darnis cf. lateralis
Acutalis tartarea
Ceresa diceros
Horiola sp.
Vanduzea arquata

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