Neocoelidiinae Leafhopper

Neocoelidiinae, leafhopper image from Ecuador


Family: Cicadellidae

Subfamily: Neocoelidiinae

Length: hopper in the photo 5.7 mm


The 130 species assigned to the subfamily Neocoelidiinae are restricted to the Americas, and are most widespread in South America. Among the common characteristics of these leafhoppers are antennae that are longer than half the body length, and ocelli that are on or near the crown margin (near the compound eyes). Also important in differentiating this subfamily from others are certain characteristics of wing venation, of the setae on the hind femora, and of the male genitalia (see Dietrich, 2003).

The subfamily appears to be paraphyletic.

Photo location: Tandayapa Valley, Ecuador.

Ecuador leafhopper photo, subfamily Neocoelidiinae

Note that this is the only representative of subfamily Neocoelidiinae on the American Insects site

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