Vanduzea arquata

Smiliine Treehopper nymphs



Family: Membracidae

Subfamily: Smiliinae

These Vanduzea arquata nymphs, of at least two different instars, were living on a small black locust tree, and were attended by ants.

A separate page shows images of Vanduzea arquata nymphs tended by ants.

Nymphs of Vanuzea arquata

Above: Vanduzea arquata in one of the middle instars.

Below: the species in a later, probably ultimate, instar.

The relationship between this species and ants in the genus Formica has been long noted. Robert S. Fritz (1983) reported that upon hatching, the nymphs of Vanduzea arquata "are immediately attended by Formica day and night," with the nymphs protected from predators "by the aggressive Formica ants." Ants in the genus Camponotus also attend this treehopper species.

Vanduzea arquata nymph

Above: nymph of one of the middle instars

Below: teneral adult Vanduzea arquata

Vanduzea arquata teneral

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