Oncopsis cf. albicollis

Macropsine Leafhopper

Oncopsis cf. albicollis, Leafhopper in subfamily Macropsinae

Family: Cicadellidae

Subfamily: Macropsinae

Length: 4-5 mm


The small subfamily Macropsinae contains only five genera.

Hamilton (1983) gave the host plants of Oncopsis albicollis as Betula occidentalis (Water Birch) and Betula pumila var. glandulosa (Bog Birch). The published records of Oncopsis albicollis are from Alaska, the Yukon, and British Columbia.

In describing O. albicollis, the author Hamilton (1983) chose the specific epithet to refer to the wing bases of the females, which are whitish and help distinguish O. albicollis from the similar species O. flavicollis.

This Oncopsis leafhopper pictured on this page was found perched in a birch grove in the Inuvik district of the Northwest Territories and has been tentatively identified as the brown form of Oncopsis albicollis.

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