Polyglypta sp.

Smiliine Treehoppers

Polyglypta sp., Treehopper image from Panama

Family: Membracidae

Subfamily: Smiliinae

Tribe: Polyglyptini

Length: hopper in upper photo 11.3 mm; hoppers in the genus 10-17 mm


Members of the genus Polyglypta are found from Texas south to Brazil (Godoy et al, 2006).

All have a forward-projecting horn that extends well beyond the head, and all lack humeral horns.

The species are long and slender. The posterior process is pointed, and extends beyond the wingtips. Viewed in profile, the dorsal line of the punctate pronotum is nearly straight, and has a sharp point at the rear.

Polyglypta spp. often are found in groups. In a number of species the females guard the eggs as well as the nymphs (Godoy et al, 2006).

Genus Polyglypta, subfamily Smiliinae

Photo locations for two photos above and the middle photo below: Boquete, Panama.

Photo location for left and right photos below: El Hato, north of Antigua, Guatemala.

Three treehoppers in genus Polyglypta