Typhlocybine Leafhoppers

Subfamily Typhlocybinae

The 470 genera in subfamily Typhlocybinae are distributed worldwide. Many are brightly colored or have mosaic-like markings, but you'll have to look close to appreciate them: most of these leafhoppers are quite small compared with the typical members of most other subfamilies. Typhlocybines regularly are attracted to lights; in a more natural setting they are often found among the leaves of trees and vines.

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Alebra aurea
Arboridia sp.
Arboridia sp.
Dikraneura sp.
Empoasca sp.
Empoasca sp.
Empoasca sp.
Eratoneura affinis
Eratoneura maculata
Eratoneura osborni
Eratoneura stoveri
Erythridula aspera
Erythroneura aza
Erythroneura beameri
Erythroneura delicata
Erythroneura sp.
Erythroneura tricincta
Erythroneura vitis
Erythroneura vulnerata
Eupteryx flavoscuta

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