Apiomerus cf. venustus

Bee Assassin

Apiomerus cf. venustus, assassin bug, family Reduviidae


Family: Reduviidae

Subfamily: Apiomerinae

Length: bug in photo 20 mm to wing apex


The more than 100 described species of Apiomerus range from the northern U.S. to Argentina.

The genus's common name Bee Assassin refers to a favored prey of these bugs, but they do hunt and eat other kinds of insects as well. The genus is also notable for the use of tree resins for at least two purposes. The resins are used to coat the bug's body, thus forming a living sticky trap for prey species. Also, female Apiomerus coat their eggs with resin, presumably to gain protection from predation and from desiccation (Forero et al, 2011).

Photo location: Amazonas, Brazil.

Determined by Dimitri Forero, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.

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